Fun and Fellowship

Check the calendar for an updated list of events!


Join us for our monthly Breakfast-for-Dinner movie nights! Everyone loves breakfast and everyone loves movies, so why not hang out and enjoy both at the same time?

Student Dinners

If you're a fan of free dinner, then you're in luck! Every Sunday night, Tommy and Nikki have students over at their house for dinner and a time of fellowship.

Outdoor Activities

Whether you're a total beach bum or a nature hiker, we're always down to enjoy the outdoors! And with the natural beauty surrounding our campus, there's always something to do.

Sports and Games

From IM teams to a quick game of basketball after Large Group, to an intense game of Catan, we love getting together for a little competitive action.

Off-Campus Events

Sometimes it's nice to get away from campus and enjoy the rest of the Bold City. From parties to camping trips to simply exploring the city, there is never a dull moment.

On-Campus Events

Wanna cheer on the Ospreys at a basketball game? Play laser tag in the Student Union? Watch a movie? There's so much stuff to do on-campus, and we love taking part.